We’re My Photo Artist.

We take your ordinary photos and transform them into the most amazing wall art.

Each piece is breathtaking exclusive to you. Ready to hang. No framing required.

All with our signature world-class quality.

It’s our passion. We love it!










I’m Dusty Rhodes, the founder of My Photo Artist.

We’re excited you found us.

I’m just one of the people responsible for our culture and why we do what we do.







Why Do We Do What We Do?

To thrill you. To blow you away. To blow your mind. To create something so amazing, so exclusive and so personal that it will remain a priceless treasure for life.

We are dedicated to making you awe-struck happy. We strive to create digital photographic wall art that is totally one-of-a-kind amazing and yours.







Imagine The Moment

We want to take your breath away.

From the moment your package arrives, the moment you unpack it, the moment you pull it out, the moment you unwrap it, the moment you hold it up, and . . .  that magical moment you see it for the very first time.

We want to capture you. Captivate you. Overwhelm you.

We want you to stand up, stand back, feel and say “Wow!” – as you laugh and cry with uncontrollable awe-struck happiness.



“you can’t imagine it until you see it”.






Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing

You really do need the full experience.

To see it. To hold it. To feel it.

The real thing – live and in person. No matter what you see on our website – it’s nothing like the emotional live and in person real thing. Nothing!



Uncompromising Quality

Each piece is meticulously produced with uncompromising quality.

Your exclusive art is displayed only on the highest quality dura-smooth artistic presentation metal available today.

Our proprietary process delivers unmatched eye-popping imaging and color.

For optimal “wow factor” display, we offer five different wall hanging sizes for you to choose from.



Ready To Hang  No Framing Required

For your convenience, each piece arrives ready to hang. They arrive complete with custom attached hardware for easy hanging.

Because of our stunning ultra-high-and-wide image presentation, no framing is necessary.

Everything we do is produced and shipped here in the United States.





What We Are – What We Are Not

Exclusive one-of-a-kind photographic wall art for discerning clients is who we are.

Our clients expect and value uncompromising artistic quality.

It’s what we are about.

We are not photographers. We use your personal photos and digitally transform them into extraordinary pieces of art.

Each piece is personal, one-of-a-kind and exclusive.

We do not do posters, poster paper, canvas material, t-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, etc. or any other type of presentation.



Uncompromising Quality – Not For Everybody

We realize we cannot be everything to everybody.

We are high end. Our pricing reflects the uncompromising standards required of world-class artistic skill, time, materials and craftsmanship to produce extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, timeless keepsakes.

We will deliver you something so stunning, so mesmerizing, you can’t imagine it’s actually yours.





100% Proof Positive Guarantee

We love what we do and are confident you will too.

For peace-of-mind, you always proof and approve your exclusive creations prior to payment and shipping.

Your purchase satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.



“truly touch that special someone”



“One-Of-A-Kind” Lifetime Gifts 

Nothing says special like “you” and “exclusive”.

As a “one-of-a-kind” gift, you will truly touch that special someone.

Every time they look at your mesmerizing gift, or someone comments, they will always feel special and remember you.

Your extraordinary gift will remain one-of-a-kind special . . . forever.





Timeless Keepsakes – Priceless Value

We have amazing people dedicated to thrilling you.

From your ordinary photo, to extraordinary art, to an amazing wall display  –  each is destined to be a priceless treasured keepsake for life.





We’d Love To Take Your Breath Away

We’re excited about the opportunity to create something meaningful and special for you.

We’d love to overwhelm you. To provide you with something so personal it will forever be more valued as time passes and memories grow.

Yes, we’d love to take your breath away.

We hope you feel the same!